We all love our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but did you know that email is the #1 activity on the internet, and the most powerful marketing tool?

21-stats-finalPeople spend 2.6 hours per day checking email while at the office, on the train, or waiting at the DMV. We’re constantly checking, reading, and sending email, and 66% of online consumers have made purchases because of email. Since email marketing is so important, here are 21 useful stats put together by Emma.

The Breakdown

We have the data, but what does it mean? Email automation today is totally different than the bygone era of batch & blast. These stats tell us that subscribers are more responsive to emails that equip consumers with the right information at the right moment, giving them that last push towards purchasing a product or inquiring about a service.

We can see here that personalization goes a long way (refer to item 6) – using the recipient’s name, for example, is a more direct method of engagement. Sending birthday emails that extend special offers also helps with conversion rates (see items 15 and 16).

Finally, make sure you thank your leads. Emma’s data prove that consumers who receive a series of welcome emails feel the most valued and are, subsequently, more engaged (see items 9-13).

The Bottom Line

Lastly, introducing smart content over a longer period of time (and not spamming!) your consumers is key. Spice up those subject lines, utilize some beautiful marketing materials, and draft some concise yet on-brand copy to convert those inactive leads into high-performers. Users only spend 51 seconds scanning your emails (see item 20) – so make it punchy!