Recently, I was thinking about how marketers gather and absorb information to build their buyer personas. In order to increase prospect engagement, we use buyer personas to separate groups of prospects based on a number of categories including:

  • Demographic Information
  • Geographic Location
  • Company Characteristics
  • Behavioral Data
  • And More

Personalizing your marketing based on this information will help your message resonate with each individual prospect. But, I began to wonder — what are the best ways to gather this data in order to create a dynamic marketing campaign?

Upon reflection, these are the three ways I’ve found to be the most effective and efficient when collecting data:

Your main asset in this process is your sales team. Collaboration between marketing and sales ensures a consistent buyer experience from the first point of communication with a prospect to the last conversation before becoming a customer.

Feel free to pick the brains of your sales executives and see what happens. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like: what are the common pains prospects share? What functions of the product are highly praised by your customers? These answers will allow you, as a marketer, to understand what is most memorable to prospects (both good and bad). Add your research findings & sentiments to your messaging.

Constantly surveying prospect activity using lead scoring, email analysis, social media engagement, while evaluating interests with Google Analytics is key to understanding how people engage with your brand. Assessing this behavior in each buyer persona and learning your audience’s considerations gives you the chance to improve as you go. This knowledge will work best with increasing communication, thus making your marketing campaigns stronger.

To discover what is and isn’t working in your marketing efforts, I recommend forming monthly, weekly, and even daily reports to evaluate your team’s performance. This reporting can be based on email engagement, social media activity, content usage, average time spent on company webpages, and more.

Use these check-ins as an opportunity to learn and grow from your buyer personas. For example: if you notice email engagement is low for a certain buyer persona, your team should focus on reformatting communications sent out to that segment. Regular check-ins can also keep your team on track to achieve your goals.

Final Thoughts

As marketers gain more and more skills, it is vital to utilize any information to the best of our ability. Using prospect data to personalize marketing messages with dynamic content makes for effective and creative marketing strategies which will result in certified lead-to-customer conversions in every buyer persona!

If you’re ready to build your first buyer personas, or you’re looking to build strategic campaigns around well-established personas, 829 Studios can help! Let’s get started!

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