Spring is right around the corner, according to Google. As temperatures rise this week to give Brookline a glimpse of warmth, Google is preparing for a thorough spring-cleaning.

Starting the week of March 23, 2015 Google will be combing your AdWords account for any ads or keywords “that have never accrued any impressions and have been removed for more than 100 days.” These ads and keywords will be permanently deleted, in an attempt to speed up your AdWords experience.

No need to worry too much, because chances are if your ad/keyword is removed and has zero impressions, you were trying to get rid of it anyway. Google currently does not offer a permanent delete button, which can cause some serious clutter in your account. This is a step in the right direction to be able to clean up your account. If you happen to want to save your ad/keywords, no worries! Just change the status from “removed” to “paused”.

Later this year Google will also be cleaning up your unused ad groups and campaigns. For more information, check out this link.