This past week, the 829 Team visited Albuquerque for SYTA 2017, an annual event dedicated to bringing together representatives across the student and youth travel industry. This year’s SYTA conference offered an interesting look at how vendors and agencies can connect to the next generation of educators and families.

Many speakers and sessions recognized that student and youth travel (SYT) marketing has to respond to contemporary perspectives. This included the featured keynote by Doug Lansky, “Why a Winning Tourism Strategy Offers the Best Offense and Defense in Today’s Changing Times”. However, the most poignant session urged travel businesses to use new technologies to attract a modern SYT audience.

This session, “Technology: Changes in Technology Ranks as Top Challenge for SYTA Members”, was lead by John Kamm and Daniel Weiss of Adatasol. They offered ways to adopt different technologies to streamline bookings and connect travelers to their ideal adventure. One new innovation that was often discussed by attendees was the virtual reality tour.

Virtual Tours: An Immersive Travel Marketing Asset

A virtual reality tour is a simulation of an area, made using a series of photos, videos, and interactive elements. 360° virtual tours allow any prospective traveler to explore a location as if they were there. Coming out of the tour, travelers feel like they know a destination more intimately than any webpage could describe.

A student or youth traveler visits your website in search of more than just travel dates or destinations. They want to learn about a culture and the potential experiences that an adventure offers. Unlike still photos or videos, virtual tours are hands-on and interactive. Embedded hotspots within the tour can link to supplemental images and text, encouraging further exploration and engagement with your brand.

Experience a virtual tour for yourself. 829 Studios created this tour for Camp Cody to allow prospective parents and children to explore the campground and facilities. Additionally, Camp Cody provides free branded virtual reality headsets (Google Cardboard) to any prospect who submits their information.

Want to learn more about how you can implement virtual tours for your company? 829 Studios has developed 360° virtual tours for businesses across the country and the world. Reach out below to speak to our experienced multi-media team.

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