E-Commerce advertising is all around you, even if you may not realize it. Every time you open your phone, you’ll probably see an ad directing you to a website to buy something. Or maybe you’ll see a suggestion for a similar item you’re looking for while on Amazon. All this and more falls under the category of E-Commerce—the online and offline paid media tactics used to drive awareness and generate sales for your products or services.  

E-Commerce advertising is a must-have for anyone who is selling products, as you should know how to effectively sell them online. Fortunately for you, our team at 829 are experts in developing both short and long-term strategies for strong E-Commerce marketing across many channels. Here’s everything you need to know about E-Commerce and how our team can help you bring this aspect of your business to new heights.

A Definition of E-Commerce vs E-Commerce Advertising

E-Commerce is a way to sell products online directly to consumers, whether through your website or through a retail media channel like Amazon. Within E-Commerce are multiple buckets depending on your product. Many of the clients that 829 Studios works with are within the beauty industry or CPG industry (consumer packaged goods, such as food and beverage brands). 

E-Commerce focuses on the buying and selling of goods online, as opposed to retail, especially in marketplaces like Facebook, Amazon, Google Shopping, Instacart, etc. But it also includes branding online, optimizing product listings, and making your product accessible so people buy more. 

E-Commerce advertising is similar, but the difference is in how you use the tools. Your business might be using standard Facebook ads, but could also run specific ads to tag products or guide customers to the shop. E-Commerce advertising is a continued effort because you’re not trying to get someone to buy once—you want them to remain a customer. The strategy constantly changes. And that requires a dynamic team like the one at 829 who understands tactics for re-engagement.

The Need for E-Commerce Advertising

According to Statista, only 2.86% of E-Commerce website visits convert into purchases. That means E-Commerce advertising is essential for driving new and returning customers to purchase. And it’s only growing in its impact on marketing: The rise in E-Commerce amid COVID-19 restrictions increased online retail sales’ share of total retail sales from 16% to 19% in 2020 (UNCTAD). This E-Commerce growth would have probably happened soon enough, but COVID-19 sped the timeline up. 

In the advent of the pandemic, businesses rushed to establish themselves on Amazon (a marketplace) and used E-Commerce advertising to drive traffic to their products. Those who missed the boat on this suffered the consequences… in revenue numbers.

The big question behind E-Commerce is, “how are we going to keep selling products?” It’s not enough to sell to people who want your product—you have to convince people of what they want before they even want it. A lot of brands only focused on retail before the pandemic, but to survive, they had to make that digital shift. To survive as a business, you need to have a strong online presence across a number of channels.

What is 829’s Approach?

The strength of your online presence is only as strong as your advertising strategy. Our E-Commerce team works with our Paid Search, Paid Social, and Marketplace teams to provide the best advertising service possible for a holistic advertising campaign. Though there are some slight differences between teams, the overall process for developing a comprehensive E-Commerce advertising strategy is the same:

Phase 1: Strategic Planning

    • 829 will conduct a full audit of the existing campaign setup and provide analysis on areas of opportunity and success
    • 829 will develop a comprehensive strategy to increase sales and market share across all teams and channels

Phase 2: Campaign Development

    • 829 will configure proper campaign architecture 
    • 829 will identify potential audiences and placements 
    • 829 will build sample ads and provide budget recommendations by tactic

Phase 3: Campaign Launch & Analytics Set Up

    • 829 will set up comprehensive conversion tracking and ensure the product feed is optimized
    • 829 will activate campaigns based on best practices

Phase 4: Ongoing Management & Optimization

    • 829 will provide ongoing optimization including budget monitoring, creative, search query review, ad testing, and implementation of new features

Channels & Ad Types

E-Commerce advertising is a core function of multiple teams, particularly our Paid Search, Paid Social, and Marketplace teams. Each utilizes several different channels to create the most effective strategy for your company. Here are just a few examples of the ad types and platforms we can use:

E-Commerce Marketplace


    • Amazon
    • Instacart
    • Walmart

Ad Types

    • Sponsored Products
    • Delivery Promotions
    • Hero Banners
    • Sponsored Brands
    • Sponsored Display Ads

Ecommerce Paid Search


    • Google Ads
    • Microsoft Ads

Ad Types

    • Search ads
    • Shopping ads
    • Discovery ads
    • Display ads 
    • Video ads
    • Performance Max ads 

Ecommerce Paid Social


    • Meta (Facebook)
    • Snapchat
    • TikTok 

Ad Types

    • Image
    • Video
    • Carousel
    • Instant Experience
    • Collection
    • Snap Ads
    • Filters
    • In-Feed
    • Top View
    • Brand Takeover
    • Dynamic Product Ads

How do we measure success?

829 Studios will leverage industry-leading reporting technology to provide actionable insights for your team. We will review reporting on an ongoing basis and make strategic recommendations based on historical performance and data. 

Product Discovery Metrics

    • Impressions 
    • Reach
    • Clicks 
    • CTR
    • Engagement

Conversion Metrics

    • Revenue
    • ROAS
    • ACoS
    • Conversion Rate 
    • AOV 

Getting Started

With the help of 829’s team, your business can construct and implement a profitable marketing strategy that will launch you into a competitive position in the E-Commerce world. Our team can help you understand your prime audience and capitalize on potential buyers. Our analysis will help you discover what opportunities you can achieve. Our expert strategy, brand content, and design through campaign management will help you reach those goals. Before you know it, you’ll have a more consistent and profitable ROI for your business. 

Get in touch with our team at 829 Studios today to shift your brand from existing to thriving through E-Commerce advertising! 

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